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As a member of ABYA & I-LYA

Anchor Bay Yachting Association (ABYA) and Inter-Lakes Yachting Association (I-LYA) were opened to all member clubs on the Great Lakes and Lake St. Clair; mainly as a social group to encourage fellowship between yacht clubs. They have made it possible for Harbor Club North & South Yacht Club (HCNSYC) to participate in reciprocity with other clubs. This enables you to visit other clubs, participate in their activities and exchange burgees.


Nearly all Great Lakes Clubs including Canada allow HCNSYC to use their facilities, in some cases at significant discounts for dockage and the like. Your best bet is to call ahead to find out what is offered and available since it varies from club to club and the rules can change from time to time. HCNSYC members who have traveled extensively report nearly universally warm receptions at the various clubs, when presenting their HCNSYC membership cards.


For more information on these organizations please go to or

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