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In 1995 Harbor Club resident and first Commodore, Herbert E. Williams expressed to the owners of Harbor Club North & South, a desire to start a Yacht Club. Authorization was given along with their support. Within the year, Harbor Club North & South Yacht Club (HCNSYC) received their charter as a nonprofit organization.

In the desire to have the very best benefits for HCNSYC members, our magnificent little organization launched an all out effort to join the Anchor Bay Yachting Association (ABYA) and Inter-Lakes Yachting Association (I-LYA). The positive publicity brought HCNSYC to the attention of the Eastern Michigan boating community and encouraged its members in their desire to participate and promote organized boating.

The club has a proud history steeped in the traditions of public service, promoting clean water activities, and safe boating education; upholding its tradition as an advocate of boating safety and spirit of fellowship and camaraderie.

HCNSYC sponsors various social functions throughout the year. The first major events are the Spring Coming-Out Breakfast and the Blessing of the Fleet. Newsletters are sent out each month to the members with the calendar and schedule of events. We encourage you to get involved.

Through the years, HCNSYC members and officers have actively volunteered their efforts and made donations to many local area groups. With the funds raised from the various events we put on, we are able to return this money back into the boating community.

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