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Changing Engine Oil Filter

When changing your engine oil filter, turn a zip lock bag inside-out and use it like a glove to reach the filter (similar to picking up dog poop). Carefully unscrew the filter and slide the bag over the filter. Zip it shut and discard.

Radio Etiquette

- To hail another vessel, call the name of the vessel 2 or 3 times, followed by your own vessel’s name (and

   station ID if applicable)

- Wait for a response then immediately switch to a working channel

- For example, say “New Goose, New Goose, New Goose, this is Seabird 1170486 on channel 16, over.”

        • The term “over” let’s the listeners know you are releasing the key

- The response might be, “Seabird, this is New Goose. Switch channel 68, over.” 

- Seabird would answer, “Seabird switching 68.” 

        • Both vessels switch their radios to 68, hail each other and converse normally

- At the end of the conversation, “Seabird returning to stand by channel 16.”  or  “New Goose out.” 

- The term “out” signifies that you are terminating the conversation

        • Never say "over and out." Those are conflicting terms

Choose the right Sacrificial Anode for the type of water you boat in


     1)  Zinc - Salt Water

     2)  Aluminum - Brackish Water

     3)  Magnesium - Fresh Water

Don't operate a vessel within 200 feet of a buoyed diver flag.
Did you know? You are responsible for the damage from your own wake.
How to Re-Name Your Boat... and Avoid 7 Years of Bad Luck
A boat approaching on your right (starboard) has the RIGHT-OF-WAY. Any change in course well in advance to let the incoming captain know your intentions is safe and courteous. - Lake St. Clair Guide
Want a green alternative to bleach? White vinegar kills mold. Apply with a spray bottle. - Boating Magazine
Need to clean a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) or shore-power cord? Citrus pumice-style hand cleaners work well; such as, GOJO Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner. - Boating Magazine
Oven-cleaner spray will remove paint and adhesive residue from gelcoat without damaging it. - Boating Magazine
Dip a towel in the water to make it damp, then slide it under the bottom of a cooler to prevent it from slipping and sliding on the deck of your boat. - Anonymous
Place a dark shirt or towel under the windshield to prevent glare from the helm. - Anonymous
Masking tape will help prevent chipping when drilling holes in fiberglass. - Boating Magazine
Tow tip: Wipe your boat down with liquid soap before a long haul to make bugs and grit easy to remove once you arrive. - Boating Magazine
Most insurance companies offer a discount if you have your DNR Boater Safety Card. Take it online @
The cardinal rule of docking a boat: Never approach the pier any faster than you’re willing to hit it. 
Never kill the engines until all the lines are secure. Many people who don’t know how to dock a boat well make the mistake of shutting down as soon as the boat is in the slip, but you never know if a crewmember is going to drop his or her line(s), or when a piling will slip out of reach. Keep the powerplants on, so you can maneuver as necessary. -
Docking tip: With twin inboards, don’t touch the wheel. Ever. You’ll be tempted, but you have more control if you leave the wheel centered and use only the engines. If you do turn the wheel, then when you try to use the engines and the prop-wash hits a cockeyed rudder, the boat may take an unexpected path. -
Coat your transducer with Vasoline before bottom-painting your boat. Then if any paint gets on your it by accident, it’ll be easy to remove. -
When an analog gauge stops working, before you replace it try cleaning all of the connections at the gauge and at the sender – this is usually the root of the problem. -
When shooting flares to signal a boat in the distance, shoot two of them spaced 10 to 15 seconds apart. If they see one flare it may leave a question in people’s minds as to whether there’s an emergency, someone’s shooting off fireworks, or it’s a test. The second one leaves no doubt. -
When drilling into gel coat run the drill at top RPM. A slow-moving drill bit causes more cracking then one that’s spinning quickly. -
To get a tight knot out of a mooring line, soak it in warm water with some Downy fabric softener and it will loosen up. -
To estimate distance to shore, remember that at about one mile individual tree trunks can be seen with the naked eye. At half a mile, individual branches can be distinguished. -
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