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Lake ERie REndezvous

August 26 - September 1, 2023

2023 Lake Erie.png

Lake Erie Rendezvous

Organizer:  Frank Schwenck [Fleet Captain]  586.596.2118     

Notes:  Bring bikes, Mention HCNSYC to try to get a slip near our group.  


What:  Rendezvous - Vermilion, OH     Where:  Vermilion Municipal Docks   440.204.2474 (Bill Yancar)     Radio:  VHF Ch. 9     

Arrive:  Sat 8/26/23     Depart:  Mon 8/28/23

Notes:  Call to make reservations.     

Home - Vermilion:  ~93 nautical miles

What:  Rendezvous - Huron, OH     Where:  Anchor Point Marina  419-836-2455     Radio:  VHF Ch. ??   

Arrive:  Mon 8/28/23     Depart:  Tue 8/29/23


Notes:  Use their website (above) to make reservations.     

Vermilion - Huron:  ~9 nautical miles

What:  Rendezvous - Put-In-Bay, OH     Where:  The Crews Nest   (419) 285-3625     Radio:  VHF Ch. 73     

Arrive:  Tue 8/29/23     Depart:  Fri 9/1/23

Notes:  Call to make reservations.     

Huron - Put-In-Bay:  ~22 nautical miles

What:  Home   

 Put-In-Bay - Home:  ~67 nautical miles

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