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Jan 6, 2020: Anchor Bay Yachting Association Meeting

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

General Membership Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m.

Pledge of allegiance

Invocation: by Greg Murray

Commodore Patricia Mok call votes for secretary position (Brenda Richards)

1 st. P.C.Rick Romantz, 2nd. P.C.Bill Callahan

Roll call of officers: Commodore- Patricia Mok,Vice Commodore- Leslie Leitch, Rear

Commodore- Alexsay Karpowitsch, Treasurer Maggie Dunn, Secretary- Brenda Richards

Approval of November 2019 minutes:

1st. Sue Merony-Harbor Club N.S.Y.C.

2nd. Nicole Greenfelder-Sand Point Y.C.

Treasurer's report-Maggie Dunn: Approval November 2019 report : 1st.Sandy Wirgain- Y,-Knot

B.C., 2nd. P/C Ed Bolsendahl

Approval December 2019 report: 1st. P.C.Terry Dunn, 2nd P.C.Gary Nowicki.

Vice commodore Report-Leslie Leitch:

Midland 50 rooms available, this year's focus is on movies.

New Fall Fling Rendezvous will be the second weekend in September at Metro Beach -

Membership Appreciation for all Yacht Clubs come by car or boat, P/C Mike Kidd will be Fleet Captain for that event. Millionaires party will be in April.

Rear Commodores Report-Alexsay Karpowitsch:

Ship store is open and available

Reminder to please RSVP for GMM dinners. Thank you to HPYC for covering January, March and October dinners.

Past Commodores Report-P. C. Michael Kidd :No report at this time

Commodore Patricia Mok-Quill update: will get out ASAP by clubs board of directors meetings.

Committee reports: P.C.Ed Bolsendahl

Boat show tickets available for $6.50 each flyers are due by noon on Tuesday the 14th need volunteers to work the booth February 18th through the 26th from 3 to 9 p.m. will receive a free pass, must pay for parking.

Trying to sell ads for the 2020-21 safety book see P.C.Ed Bosendahl or P.C.Gary Nuwicki.

Good of the order Secretary-: Welcome Delegates: Hand out packets along with 100%

participation certificates.

GPPS: announced new name now, America's Boating Club. Visit website America's boating club. Org Past Commodores Club party January 19th at noon, Barrister Gardens $30 per person

Y-Knot Boat Club: Euchre on Saturday 9 and Mack Amvets $10.

New Business- Alexsay Karpowitsch P/C Belvidere B.C., to update the website. We will be

adding Facebook and Instagram-please "like".

Commodores Closing Comments:

Thank you everyone

There are going to be calendar changes after Memorial Weekend.

Spring dinner dance is approved for May 29,30 and 31st. for NCYC and the March meeting will be held on March 9th.

Reminder next meeting February 3rd dinner at 6, meeting at 7:30, dress blues at NMYC

Motion to Adjourn: 1st. P.C.Bill Callahan, 2nd P.C.Ed Bolsendahl. Adjourned 8:45 p.m.

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