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St. Clair REndezvouS

May 17 - 19, 2024

2024 St Clair.png

St. Clair Rendezvous

Where:  St. Clair Boat Harbor  (810) 329-4125  Reservations: (800) 447-2757

Radio:  VHF Ch. 9

Arrive:  Fri 5/17/24

Depart:  Sun 5/19/24


Organizer:  Jami Moore [Fleet Captain]  586.206.7097

Notes:  Bring Bikes, Firewood & Lawn Chairs.  Mention HCNSYC to try to get a slip near our group.  Use DNR Web Site (above) to make reservations.  There will be a Saturday morning Club Breakfast. Fill out the Breakfast Sign-Up sheet (below).  Hope to see you there.  Pine River Bridge OPENS UPON REQUEST ONLY on the hour & half hour. The bridge monitors VHF Channel 09 or call (810) 329-9420.

Home - St Clair:  ~28 nautical miles

HCNSYC will have a Club Breakfast on Saturday May 18th starting at 9:00am

Sign-Up Sheet - Add your name and what you plan to bring/share for Breakfast.

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