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ABYA May Quill—Contains New Information Regarding ABYA Spring Dinner Dance

HCNSYC Members:


Contains New Information Regarding ABYA Spring Dinner Dance

This forwarded message from ABYA is a benefit of being a HCNSYC member.

Make sure you check out our website for all updates!

Sue Merony, Past Commodore and ABYA Delegate

Harbor Club North South Yacht Club

---------- Forwarded message ---------

Date: Thu, May 13, 2021 at 1:28 PM Subject: ABYA May Quill May 13, 2021 Hey! The sun is out, boats are in the water, and ABYA is alive and running! 1. Tickets sales for the dance are sold out at 100. In 2019 we had 171 tickets sold. Of course this could happen again if given the chance. Grrr-Covid. I have 3+ on a waiting list for tickets already. 2. Wells are sold out-I have 4 on a waiting list. But I can't tell them they can get in and not let them in the dance. Grrr-Covid 3. We have a new game that looks like, even though it is a first trial run, it is going to be fun! 4. We, our board, are working with Jill to assure a great event despite Covid. 5. We will be having a small meeting as usual before the dinner on Saturday of the dance. The next GMM won't be until August at Belvidere. 6. I will be representing the ABYA at the flag raising ceremony at NCYC and SPYC's Commodore's Ball. I am grateful for the invitations to do so. 7. The Fall Fling is September 10-12. Watch for the reserved wells to become available to book at Metro for this event. 8. Educational classes will resume in the fall-stay tuned. 9. We are tweaking the website. I can't believe it's taking so long! Thank you for your patience! Donations and Baskets are being accepted for drop off at my shop or at the dance. Just remember to let me know that your club has this covered. We want a good show of this. I understand that a lot goes into this on all fronts. Therefore I am grateful for all of you that participate.

Thank you, Commodore Patricia

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