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HCNSYC Flier for Metro Boat Show

HCNSYC Board and Chairpersons: ABYA wanted new flier information for the Metro Boat Show for this weekend. This morning I played around on the computer and came up with a new flier. I had stationery sitting around and decided to put it to some good use. ABYA will have 41 HCNSYC fliers for distribution during the Metro Boat Show. I’ll take them up there this morning. I’ve have four files attached: · Our previous postcard, which I believe they still have some in their possession. · HCNSYC Metro Boat Show fliers. · HCNSYC postcard file #1 – if you decide to print up more fliers yourself. · HCNSYC postcard file #2 – if you decide to actually get postcards printed up. This can be done through Vistaprint, Shutterfly, etc. wherever you decide to get it done and for the best price. It's best to view the Word Docs on your computer and opening the file. If you just preview it in this email, it looks distorted, but really it's ok like in the flier I printed. If you need anything else, do not hesitate to call, text or email me. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! Let’s try not to forget to get a group picture to put on the website. It really slipped my mind this past weekend. Kurt has the HCNSYC Banner now in his possession to be passed down to the next Commodore, Mike Elder. Please don’t leave it in any of your boats over the winter. We don’t want it to get moldy or moisture filled. The zip ties on it are reusable. Do not cut them off! One is missing due to that happening before. I don’t recall if we replaced it or not, so bring extra zip ties to secure it! Thanks, again, for all you do for this Yacht Club! It’s much appreciated! Sue Merony, ABYA Delegate/PC HCNSYC

HCNSYC Postcard Info
Download DOCX • 33KB

HCNSYC Postcard Info 2
Download DOCX • 27KB

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