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Rendezvous References/Information

HCNSYC Board and Chairpersons: Attached, you’ll find great periodicals to find information on Rendezvous destinations. I know both Ken and I have mentioned these magazines before. They’re a great source full of all kinds of boating information. · Lake Erie Shores and Islands—a yearly updated magazine. It’s free! You just need to call or subscribe to it online. I usually call in early spring to get the updated copy but I can always refer to the prior year if there’s a destination we’re interested in. · Lakeland Boating magazine—you have to subscribe to this magazine. We make it a 2-year subscription. Well worth the cost for all kinds of information—destinations, boat tests, items for your boats, etc. With your subscription, you get the magazine emailed to you. I can glance through it before Ken does. Another way to get information for Rendezvous is to go to the Boat Shows. Not only do they have boats and equipment for sale, but they have other vendors there too trying to get you to venture to their ports! The Detroit Boat Show will have more vendors like this in January. The Fleet Event schedule should be done in January or February of each year. Remember for Michigan DNR Harbors, you’re able to book those wells 6 months in advance. We already have 3 Fleet Events that everyone wants to go to annually—Blessing of the Fleet in May, ABYA Spring Dinner Dance on June 4th and of course, Frostbite in September. So our Fleet Captain, whoever that will be for 2022, should get their committee/group/friends together and plan it out in January/February. Shannon can then put it on the calendar. I’m very grateful for what our 2021 Board and Chairpersons have done this year. It’s been a trying past two years for all of us. You should be very proud of yourselves for what you’ve accomplished! A round of applause to all of you! Until I see all of you again, safe boating everyone! Sue Merony, ABYA Delegate/PC

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